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12 Everyday Stretches That Help You Stay Flexible & Avoid Pain At Any Age…

Given our modern pace of life and sedentary lifestyle, muscle pain such as lower back pain and neck tension has become far too common. Whether it’s shoulder tension from being hunched at a desk for hours, or wrist pain from typing at a computer, sore muscles can make any movement difficult and painful. As a […]


Basic Yoga Moves To Improve Balance, Mood & Flexibility…

Yoga postures may not be something you’ve thought about for the purposes of improving your overall health and wellness. But research shows that even a daily, two-minute routine can strengthen core muscles throughout your body. Simple yoga moves can also improve your balance, increase your flexibility and even boost your mood. They can be tailored […]


The Best Yoga Poses You Can Do In 8 Minutes To Relieve Back Pain…

Jen Hilman shows you full body yoga stretches for back pain relief. This therapeutic video covers stretches for the low back, hips, butt and sciatica. Perfect for yoga beginners this will boost your yoga flexibility and lower stress which helps you to relax. You can do these poses in as little as 8 minutes per […]